From time to time we release updates to provide new features, enhancements or improved security to the Skilitics Agent software.  In some circumstances where the update is unable to be applied automatically, you will be required to update your locally installed software by re-running the installer.

  • If you have received a message to say the Space on your organisation has spaces which are out of date, simply let your teachers know.

[ OR ]

  • If you received a message to say your personal computer's Space is out of date, then you will need to download and run the latest installer from one of the links below.

Downloading the Latest Installer

  • You can download the latest installer for PC here.
  • You can download the latest installer for MacOS here.

NOTE:  University & College Administrators - if you are updating a shared organisation space or spaces and need an installer that will make the software available to all Windows user profiles, please contact us here and our team will get in touch to assist you.

Running the Installer

After downloading the installer, use the same invite code you were provided by your University or College when you first installed the software.  If you are unaware of where to find it, you can find it in the URL to your Concierge site - see below to understand where.

After entering the invite code you will be asked to login.  If you have already done this previously, simply login with your email and password.  If you have never installed this software before, click the "First time user?" option, then enter your email address and follow the prompts to create your password.

The installation process should not need to re-download the simulations, so this process should be quick.  If you have any issues during this update, please contact our support team here.